Sunset Vista is located on the west end of St. John, the premier island of the United States Virgin Islands in THE NICEST western facing location with THE BEST panoramic water views. Sunset Vista is a 100% air-conditioned 4 bedroom luxury home perched over 500 feet above the pristine Caribbean Sea. Her premium location and upscale amenities provide a rare experience to paradise vacationers. Situated on the best of all 99 lots in Virgin Grand Estates, Sunset Vista offers a rare and unique experience, with its magnificent, 200+ degree, panoramic daytime views, glorious sunsets, and sparkling night vistas.

Sunset Vista was designed and constructed by the builder and owner of the Virgin Grand Resort (now the Westin Resort). Enjoy classy lighting and luxurious amenities throughout (great pool, deck, and hot tub). Virgin Grand Estates is less than 10 minutes from Cruz Bay and the west shore beaches and 15 minutes from the North shore. Upon entering the subdivision, you'll drive past other seven figure homes on a two lane, paved road, Please enjoy this site to learn more about your vacation with Sunset Vista. Make your special vacation a truly spectacular experience and memory of a lifetime.